Electrostatics 2021

Ohessa tietoa vuoden 2021 Electrostatics konferenssista ja abstraktien lähettämisestä.

”It is our pleasure to invite you to submit a contribution to the International Conference on Electrostatics (ELECTROSTATICS 2021)  to be held In Wroclaw, Poland from 21st  to 24th  June 2021.”

Deadline for abstract submission is: 31st May 2020

Abstracts can be sent to:  electrostatics2021@pwr.edu.pl

A template for abstract submission can be found here: http://www.electrostatics2021.pwr.edu.pl/wp/index.php/authors/template/

Aika: 21.6.2021

Paikka: Wroclaw, Puola

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